hired!bcn 2018

The talent acquisition conference

Eli Domínguez

Since she started, she has always worked in the hiring sector in Marketing teams, between clients and candidates, and she’s come to believe that Marketing and Recruiting teams should work together in order to accomplish common goals. So that’s what she’s been doing all these years! She even created a blog for savvy recruiters that want to be a little bit more marketers and dedicates her days to help recruiters improve their skills to attract and retain top talent.

She’s trying to make an impact for candidates, helping big companies raise awareness of their employer brands and improve their candidates’ experiences through optimized and compelling hiring processes. So far she has helped Telepizza, Condis and Pepe Jeans create, develop and communicate their talent brand to hire their candidate persona, improving drastically their results. She’ll be sharing some results with you in the Recruitment Marketing workshop.

She leads the Marketing team at Talent Clue, known for their inbound marketing techniques and expertise, and for launching the Inbound Recruiting concept in Spain.

Random facts about me:

  • I wanted to be a cinema director, but I ended up in online marketing instead
  • In my first job interview I said that I was crazy; they hired me
  • My second job interview happened between beers, I’m still there ;)
  • I believe that recruiting shouldn’t exist without the marketing approach
  • I am allergic to cats
  • I have two cats