hired!bcn 2018

The talent acquisition conference

Elizabeth Rice

Curious, ambitious and happy Tech recruiter with a strong passion for diversity and inclusion. 

She’s trying to make a difference in Barcelona when it comes to companies being diverse and more inclusive and is organising quite a few initiatives in the city for Gender equality and diversity in hiring.
Since she was young, she has been traveling around the world to live, study and work, until 5 years ago she landed in Barcelona and decided that that would be her “home”. However, she still finds fascinating to discover new traditions and ways of thinking and often jumps on a plane to discover cities still unknown. 
When she’s in Barcelona, she enjoys her job a lot. From souring, where she can apply her nerdy affiliation for linguistics, to interviewing, as she has the opportunity to talk every day with people she believes are smarter than her and who can teach her a lot about new technologies and how they are changing our lives. She also enjoys on-boarding candidates on their new job, as there isn’t anything more exciting than jumping into a new adventure. And every time it seems like she’s living a brand new one, even if she’s only a spectator! She’s also leading the Recruitment Marketing and branding for ThoughtWorks Spain and is often busy understanding what the newest trends are and how to implement them. 
Her dream is to build a talented tech team in which there is an atmosphere of respect and tolerance and in which diversity can flourish in the most natural way. And she’s trying to build her dream at ThoughtWorks Barcelona.